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Ghritam refers to ayurvedic ghee (medicated clarified butter).Ghritams have ghee as its base because ghee can effectively assimilate the properties of its ingredients without losing its own properties. Ghritams are used to treat skin disease , digestive problems and also in panchakarma. It enhances immunity and mental capabilities . ghritams are prescribed depending upon the digestive capacity of the person.

Some of the ghritams are:

Brahmi Ghrita – enhancing memory,treating stress disorders ,improves intelligence .

DadimadiGhritham –  Malabsorption, Anorexia, Hyperacidity, Indigestion.

DhanwantharaGhritham –  Anaemia, Ascites, Dropsy, Piles, A preventive of neuropathy and carbuncles in Diabetic patients.

Indukantham Ghritam – Cough, Ulcerative colitis, Intermittent fever, Anorexia.




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